Zombieverse, Mask Girl, Destined With You: K-Dramas To Watch In August

The Zombieverse Mask Girl Will Be Starring In Kdramas In August

There Is A List Of Kdramas That Will Begin Streaming In August

While Facing Off Against The Zombies Survivors Will Compete In A Changed World

Behind Your Touch Is About A Psychic And A Detective Working Together To Solve A Murder Mystery

Eye Of The Storm Causes A Hospital To Be Locked Down And People To Be Trapped In The Crisis

An Unexpected Romance Is About A Lawyer Who Is Bound By An Ancient Curse And A Civil Servant Who Holds The Key To His Freedom

The First Responders Season 2 Returns With Daily Experiences From The First To Respond From The Police Force To The Fire Brigade

The Show Follows Three Highschool Teens Who Are Endowed With Superpowers That They Have Inherited From Their Parents