18 Foods That Must Be Eaten Raw

Aug 3 2023 By Kritika Pushkarna 18 Foods That Must Be Eaten Raw

It Is Possible To Cook Seaweed And Reduce The Nutrition Present In It

The Best Way To Enjoy Raw Carrots Is To Fully Savour Their Natural Sweetness And Crisp Texture

Cucumbers Are A Great Addition To Salads And A Snack

Bell Peppers Eating Bell Peppers Raw Preserves Their High Vitamin C Content And Antioxidant Supporting A Healthier Immune System

Its Best To Eat Raw As It Provides A Satisfying Snack Especially When Eaten With Dips Or Nut Butter

They Have High Levels Of Lycopene An Antioxidant Associated With Various Health Benefits And This Is Why They Must Be Eaten Raw